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Managed WordPress Hosting

Let us handle your website maintenance, so you can focus on your business.

Do you need regular updates to your site? eSmiths hosting service includes up to two hours of free content updates each month. You provide the content instructions and image assets, and we’ll make sure they’re added to your site quickly and beautifully – stress free! 

If you have a great idea, but need help crafting the wording and the graphic design, eSmiths can help bring it to life at our regular $50/half hour service rate.

We provide guaranteed support response within 1 business day for non-emergency issues, and within 1 hour, 24/7 for emergency (e.g. site-down) issues.

* We will never cap your site at any amount of visits. These are estimates of what a typical site can support on each plan. What your site can handle varies based on the site type, theme and plugin efficiency, and traffic.

Premium Plugins Including:

Elementor Pro
SmartCrawl Pro
Defender Pro
Hummingbird Pro
Smush Pro
Forminator Pro
Beehive Pro

$25 /Month


$50 /Month


$75 /Month